How much does it Cost to Develop a Game in Unreal Engine?

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19 Jan, 2023


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Unreal Engine

Gaming is growing incontestably prevalent, as seen during the last decade. In 2020, the video game industry brought in $155 billion; by the end of 2023, it is projected to generate $200 billion globally. As a result, video games can now permeate social interactions, physical activities, art, and education more than ever.

Moreover, the fundamental technological advancements related to gaming engines are deployed in diverse sectors, including fashion, cinema, architecture, and the automobile industry. And to accomplish this, a robust all-in-one game engine is required.

Gaming engines are essentially the framework that video game creators use to develop their games. A standard gaming engine typically includes components like input, renderer, scripting, object tracking, artificial intelligence, and more.

As a result, assisting game developers have to dwell more time on distinctive features like character models, texturing, objects interacting with one another, etc. Games would have to be created from scratch without these game creation engines, which would take a lot of time and be more challenging. With the help of gaming engines, game creators can boost their production significantly.

The buzz around Unreal Engine 5 or UE5 may appear excessive to people unfamiliar with gaming engines. However, Unreal Engine is the most high-end all-in-one 3D gaming engine commercially available. It has many stunning and pleasantly unusual features that have been used to create several ground-breaking games over the years, including Bioshock, Street Fighter V, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 2, and Fortnite, to name a few. So, if you are estimating Unreal Engine development cost or thinking about creating a video game, this guide is undoubtedly for you.

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What is Unreal Engine?

For more than 20 years, Unreal Engine has been a mainstay in the game creation industry. Building a game in Unreal Engine is always a wise option for any developer, given its reputation for spectacular graphics, simple programming tools, and rapid upgrades. Launched in 1998, Unreal Engine is a 3D game creation platform created by Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite.

It includes animation, programming, and many other appealing features, enhancing capabilities and making Unreal Engine more approachable to developers. Eventually, the tool morphed into a complete game development toolkit. The new update: Unreal Engine 5, was released in 2022.

Unreal Engine 5’s key strengths are its modularity, graphic caliber, and affordability. Additionally, you may add pre-made models, animations, and ready-to-use audio to the engine. The externally created game component could also be easily integrated into the engine. Unreal Engine, particularly UE5, gathers the conception and consolidates everything into one platform.

Building a game in Unreal Engine can produce exceptional graphical fidelity, high-resolution models, and elevated ecosystems. Unreal Engine 5, which delivers next-gen visual richness, is a genuine refinement over its user-friendly predecessor, Unreal Engine 4. In addition, it provides easy access for developers to produce high-caliber face simulations and expansive grid maps.

As a component of the fastest-growing sector in the world, Epic Games, a firm with more than 25 years of expertise, has created a forum that is considered the AAA standard for video game creation.

With the proper strategic partnerships, Epic Games hopes to increase the prevalence of its engine globally and encourage more individuals to pursue careers in video game production. Unreal Engine, created in C++, is highly scalable and can be used for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Use Cases of Unreal Engine

Game development in Unreal Engine is a hassle-free process by which users may construct exceptional games, providing a rendering foundation. Some of the Unreal Engine use cases are jotted below:

  • Features a substantial and organized collection of tools that assist users in managing their assets and customizing them to produce the visuals for their games.
  • Creation of cinematic flicks.
  • Make 3D models considerably more affordable than those made by an actual artist.
  • Creation of blueprints for vehicles like cars, bikes, jets, etc.
  • Showcasing of the digital product.
  • End User License Agreement (EULA) allows students to get full version access to Unreal Engine in terms of general use of education for higher education institutions.

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Pricing for Game Development in Unreal Engine:

All users of Unreal Engine 5 can get the free basic version, regardless of whether they are professionals, amateurs, or students. In addition, epic Games offers a custom license option for users with precise needs and a corporate plan with premium support.

The pricing for game development in Unreal Engine can vary significantly based on various factors, including the game’s specifications, the size and locality of the production team, the level of detail in the graphics, and the volume of bespoke content. For example, a modest AAA game with a huge team might cost millions, whereas a small indie game with a small team may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

If the game generates $3,000 or more in revenue each quarter, Unreal Engine will claim a 5% royalty fee.

Features of Game Development in Unreal Engine:

Unreal Engine 5 has changed the game production workflow with its new capabilities. Developers may anticipate deploying those interesting features to create stunning new visual portrayals. Some of its features include:

  • Nanite Virtualized Micro Polygon Geometrical System
  • Lumen Global Lighting Illumination System
  • Virtual Shadow Maps Composer
  • IK Body Solver Animator
  • MetaSounds Procedural Audio Generator
  • Megascans Assets Library
  • Hyper-realistic Metahumans Character Creator
  • World Partition Grid Tool
  • Photoreal Renderer
  • Robust Multiplayer Framework
  • VFX & Particle Simulator
  • Film Quality Post-Process Effects
  • Advanced AI
  • Unreal Audio Engine

We’ll be able to tell you so much more in detail when you send in a mobile app rfp.

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A lot to see…

Unreal Engine 5 is drastically revolutionizing game production. The induction of Nanite technology is a game changer as it allows programmers to use cinematic effects without spending a penny. On the other hand, the Lumen technology allows creators to adjust dynamic and realistic lighting.

Artists don’t need to bring in their external models, animators may now make all of their animations in the engine, and lighting setup is no longer a laborious process for environment artists. Now that Unreal Engine 5 is widely used, everyone’s workflow has improved.

Are you interested in building some top-notch games? Or you might be interested in learning what Unreal Engine 5 can achieve for you and your project. Cubix is a one-stop studio available to assist in producing your perfect game. Consult your project specs with us to get an Unreal Engine development cost quotation right now!


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