From Fitbit to Smartwatches – How Wearables Are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Maira Halai

20 Feb, 2024


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Fitness gadgets and smartwatches have started penetrating a number of industries, and healthcare is no different. Wearable technology is modernizing the healthcare landscape. It’s  not just for the sake of aesthetics but to improve the overall efficiency of processes in this sector. Thanks to the latest wearable app development services, we can track our footsteps, heartbeat rates, and sleep patterns combining fitness into our everyday routine.

Yet, these innovative wearables are not just hands-free gadgets. They are the most powerful wearable technology utilized to monitor, manage, and understand our health conditions. As people of all generations focus on wellness and healthcare, wearable technologies are a trove for both providers and consumers. 

Are you a healthcare business owner wondering about incorporating wearables into your everyday lifestyle? This article will shed light on how wearable devices are revolutionizing the healthcare sector.  By addressing the complex issues we face today and cultivating a fit future.

Present Market State of Wearable Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has always been a dominant industry.  Especially after the COVID pandemic, the emphasis has doubled on its integral role. Similarly, it has only been in the last couple of years that wearable app integration has seen a rise in this field.

According to Statista, wearables have been essential for patients to wear. In 2023, approximately 31% of the United Nations adults will use these devices to achieve their fitness goals by tracking their health data. This results in the awareness of how beneficial supplying wearable technology is in the healthcare market.

The growing capabilities of wearable technology and its acceptance have empowered individuals.  They can take a more proactive approach to their health and wellness. Features like sleep and activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, fall detection, and other biometrics in smartwatches and fitness trackers are giving users deeper insights into their bodies.

How Wearable Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry 

Wearable technology in healthcare indicates utilizing fitness devices and software applications for healthcare and medication motives. This consists of devices and applications, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, wearable ECG monitors, wearable BP trackers, biosensors, etc. However, wearable applications are the most convenient for viewing information, tracking, and performing tasks while accessing services with one tap without getting on the computers. With the help of wearable devices, one can conveniently interact digitally from any location. 

Labour Shortages

The decrease in the number of healthcare workers is a major issue nowadays. That is why wearable devices are here to address it. These devices benefit in analyzing processes and paperwork and facilitating remote monitoring to improve the efficiency of the workflow. 

Boost Patient Care

The patient’s individualized care is the foremost task for healthcare providers. Similarly, the patient expects the same core care from the healthcare institutions, like personalized care, continuous observation, and active participation. Wearable technologies help you offer real-time patient monitoring and data-driven commitments that enhance patient care.

Telemedicine Growth

Telemedicine is not only a blessing but a need of today. You can book appointments via phone on a video call or a simple call via your smartphone or wearable devices, as virtual sessions are more productive than in-person appointments. Even when your doctor is far apart from the world can access wearable-generated health data during telehealth encounters.

Strategic Decision-Making

Integrating IoT with wearable technologies and AI enables us to make strategic and data-driven decisions in the healthcare domain. They help to strengthen businesses based on accurate data and insights by collecting data on patient care. After that, a medical professional knows what treatment strategies and care the patient needs.

Chronic Disease/Illness Management

Wearable medical devices are designed with advanced technologies that can detect vital signs. Similarly, in smartphone applications, patients can log dietary choices, and individuals gain a deeper understanding of their health status. In this way, you can set up alerts on behalf of physically using a piece of medical equipment if something is wrong.

Research and Innovation

Wearable innovations make our lives easier in many aspects and work with smart healthcare products. The wearable app designs integrate seamlessly with different sensors and software algorithms, making the devices that hold solutions to healthcare problems of the future.

Will VisionPro Take the Wearable Game to the Next Level?

VisionPro, as we know it, is an advanced spectacle technology that seamlessly integrates digital content. It plays a significant role in various industries, especially in revolutionizing healthcare. VisionPro can be used in medical education and training to help surgeons in surgical planning to enhance mental health treatments. It consists of advanced sensors and hand-tracking capabilities of the headset that visualize and open accessibility features for both patients and professionals. 

With VisionPro in use, patients can now get more real-time and natural virtual consultations, making healthcare accessible to remote and mobility-challenged patients. The new Apple VR headset is designed with visual aids and assistive technologies that help cater to individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities. Such innovations transform the patient experience and empower people with varying abilities to actively engage with their health and care.

Is Your Healthcare Business Ready to Adopt Wearable Technology?

The future of healthcare is here – and it’s wearable. Industries that integrate wearable technologies first will gain a strategic edge in the coming years. Don’t let your competitors leave you behind in delivering seamless virtual care experiences and actionable patient insights.

As a healthcare innovator, you prioritize empowering people with convenient, proactive solutions. If you want to keep up with the market demand and capture the pros of wearables in healthcare, don’t wait too long before initiating your customized wearable app project. 

Partner with Cubix, a leading wearable app design and development company, and join hundreds of businesses that have transformed themselves for good. Let the expert use this technology to boost and improve your lives, all from the accessibility of our wrists.

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