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16 Jan, 2020


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Digitalization is taking over traditional processes and you see it happening around every day. Digital transformation is inevitable and businesses are learning, adapting, and growing with the digitally transformed world. Local stores and street shops, let alone large-scale businesses, have an online presence and are actively utilizing digital platforms for their growth.

Hoping on to the digital world is not easy, especially for brick and motor businesses with years of traditional processes and embedded brand positioning. Businesses require a smart and result-driven digital transformation strategy to utilize the digital arena. At Cubix, our veteran businesses analysts, product developers, and digital marketing gurus help startups and enterprises start their digital transformation journey.

This article explains digital transformation and lists down how Cubix helps business transform!

What is Digital Transformation?

Unlike popular belief, digital transformation is not making a company website or starting to sell online. Digital transformation is integrating modern, fast, and result-driven digital technology into various areas of the business. It changes how a company operates, including how it develops and delivers its products and services to its customers. Digital transformation does not happen over-night. It takes endless hours of research, a top-class digital development partner, experimenting with different strategies, and an overall organizational change.

Digital business transformation is vital in today’s highly digitalized times. It is the key to remain competitive and relevant to the target audience. Digital transformation is different for every company based on various factors. But every digital transformation journey requires an operational, cultural, and organizational change.

‘At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies’ – John Chambers, Former CEO of Cisco Systems

Sometimes the transformation will require companies to drift from their decade-old processes, even if the very processes are the competitive edge. Sometimes businesses can digitally transform with just a few changes. What is digital transformation for you will depend on your business model, target audience, industry dynamics, market trends, and more.

A one-liner digital transformation definition is using digital data to simplify your processes!

Business Areas that Require Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires a holistic approach for its success. It concerns various internal and external processes, including interactions within the company, customer interactions, product development, delivery processes, and more. The equation involves customers, employees, stakeholders, investors, and everyone else associated with the company.

Cubix’s approach to digital business transformation is unique. Our vigorous research and development and a firm grip on various industry dynamics are a plus for your digital transformation journey. We craft a digital strategy that automates business processes, utilizing modern technologies, with a customer-centric approach.

The core of a digital transformation strategy is the company’s customer base. At Cubix, our focus is on revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers, including how products are services are delivered to the customers. Our experts focus on building strategies that help customers in acquiring products and services without any hassle. To do so, we research the targeted audience and explore their pain points. We analyze the competitors and incorporate the information into a customer-oriented digital strategy for our clients.

Digital transformation demands a change in business processes. Our experts align the ultimate goals of a digital strategy and change the business processes accordingly. The effect of the change is observed throughout the organizational operations. A successful strategy requires internal operations and customer goals to be on the same page. Some companies may also require new ecosystems, different business models, and diverse revenue sources for successful digital transformation. 

How to Lead a Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation requires a systematic approach. You cannot wake up one morning and decide to digitalize!

Cubix helps companies with their digital transformation journey by setting clear goals, identifying changes required in business processes as a result. Digital transformation means your operations will change, so will your employee skillsets, marketing strategies, and everything else.

Identify the Goals

We start by identifying the goals of your digital transformation journey. It is essential to determine what you are trying to achieve and where you wish to be with the transformation. Our experts help you craft specific business objectives and then work on a strategy that helps achieve those goals. The objectives help determine whether the existing model can be revamped or a new model is required.

Some common objectives of digital transformation include reducing operational costs, reducing lead time, offering convenient shopping experience to customers, and others.

Assign Tasks and Set KPIs

It is crucial to find the right partner for your digital transformation strategies. Experienced teams, like Cubix, divide the journey into short-term and long-term objectives. The objectives are then categorized into doable tasks and assigned to the right resource. Cubix sets achievable yet challenging KPIs for each task.

Don’t Fear Change

Change is inevitable for digital transformation. Don’t be afraid of going to the opposite if you have to. It is one of the many reasons that businesses must trust expert digital agencies for their transformation. Cubix gives its clients the confidence to take bold steps because great things don’t happen without taking risks. Had Uber thought who would get into the car with an unknown driver, the world would not have an extraordinary ridesharing service.

Pitfalls to Avoid During Your Digital Transformation Journey

Not all digital transformations are successful. Some changes drive loyal customers away; others just kill the true essence of the brand. If inefficiently executed, a billion-dollar idea can end up in the trash. Here is how to ensure that you strive and thrive:

Choosing the Wrong Partner

You cannot digitally transform until you find an exceptional partner. An experienced team knows how to execute the strategies, reduce and manage change resistance, and help employees and other stakeholders to adopt the new business model.

Beware of the Hype

It is essential to adopt a strategy that works for your business. Often companies get carried away by the attractive and jaw-dropping digital transformation of other companies. What is digital transformation for others might be a total disaster for you. Work with your digital agency and customize the automation according to your business needs and objectives.

Choosing Tools You Don’t Need

Make sure you are not doing things that your business does not require. Don’t use tools that are unnecessary or irrelevant to the business objectives. Choose tools, processes, and automation strategies that help achieve your organizational goals.

OOMCO – A Case Study of Cubix’s Digital Transformation Strategies

Oman Oil Marketing Company is the largest fuel marketer in the Gulf region. The company was looking for a digital transformation breakthrough, giving a one-of-the-kind customer experience.

Our expert team discussed the possibilities with OOMCO to understand their business objectives. Our seasoned development team, project managers, and digital experts traveled to Oman to get a first-hand experience of the company and its customers and stakeholders. During the visit, Team Cubix explored different third-party integration requirements, interacted with the point of sales, and crafted a digital strategy for OOMCO.

We suggested a user-centric mobile app that gives users a unique experience. Our teams worked together with OOMCO to build on the idea. The app allowed users to find fuel stations nearby, plan journeys, order food or other items from the stores in the fuel stations, and more. There are hundreds of different vendors and third-party restaurants operating at different fuel stations. Cubix developed a framework for third-party integration, giving users a completely unique experience.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Cubix

The world is automating and processes are getting smarter. Digital transformation not only reduces redundant procedures, but also minimizes operational costs, reduces lead time, and enhances user experience. It is time for businesses to leverage digital transformation and escalate their organizational productivity.

Our experts at Cubix educate business owners and stakeholders on digital transformation processes. Our consultants will help you develop and execute your digital transformation journey.

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