WWDC 2021 Starts Today 10am Pacific


7 Jun, 2021


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WWDC 2021

Tune in for details on M2 MacBook Pro, iOS 15, and more from Apple.

Apple fans and critics alike have gotten more than a sneak peek into what’s coming their way. During a livestream last month, Apple executives revealed new iPads and iMacs. Starting today, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference  will surely deliver more.

Today’s 90-minute presentation and unveiling of new products mean Apple gets to display the embellishments and advancements in its latest iOS, macOS, iPadOS, as well as its software.

What you’re going to get to see will include previews of what to expect in the future when it comes to software for Macs, Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV boxes.

Let’s admit it, WWDC may be a developer event, but it’s also a stellar product announcement event. However, the products aren’t immediately available; they’re released to the public later in the year (around September), and this event tells people all they should know well in advance.

The idea is to make sure more people understand what the company wants to convey, minus public and media speculation. The event is also a superb invitation for developers and beta testers to check these products.

WWDC is not a recent idea; founding member and late CEO/Chairman Steve Jobs led these events himself, presenting classy and truly innovative products that changed the world. Today’s event reminds us of when the man himself stood before thousands, excitedly unveiling magic at our fingertips.

Watch Today’s WWDC

The Apple presentation begins at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, today, Monday, June 7. It will be held online, and will run from today, June 7 till June 11.

Watch the event stream on Apple’s website, the Apple TV app, or Apple’s YouTube channel.

You have the Apple TV option for the event now. Since Apple has its own streaming service, you can use its dedicated video app on your mobile device, Roku box, Apple TV box, and even on some smart TVs.

Spatial Audio Event after WWDC Keynote

Once the WWDC keynote is over, there’s a spatial audio event on Apple Music to take place. Although the WWDC doesn’t mention it in its schedule, the event is expected at 3 pm ET.

Apple had earlier announced spatial audio for Apple Music that coincided with the streaming service now adding lossless files.

Spatial audio is compatible with AirPods, Apple devices that have built-in speakers, as well as third-party headphones. In contrast to regular stereo audio, expect deeper Dolby Atmos mixes. As promised earlier, Apple said this feature would be released in June. That’s all we can say for now, as we await 2021’s WWDC.



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