Modern Tools for Android Game Development


2 Mar, 2023


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Android game development

The first thing you should do when making an Android game is to settle on a genre and a framework. There are a plethora of Android game development tools, languages, and techniques available for Android games.

The type and specifications of the Android game you wish to make will dictate the tools you use. The following gaming engines can be used to provide Android game development services to create games optimized for Android devices:


Unity is the go-to engine for making Android games, and for a good reason. With the release of their cross-platform program, Unity technology now allows anyone to create their own video games.

Whether you’re making a 2D game or a 3D game, Unity is a huge help. Everyone in the group can pitch in to help. It also enables developers to import assets from other 3D programs like Blender and gives a wide range of assets for use in those programs.

Unity is arguably the best tool for making games if you’re just starting. This is because Unity has its own lighting, controls, and mechanics. These features aid in the process of making video games.

Additionally, Unity provides a powerful yet intuitive interface for rapidly integrating new features into your game. As a result of these features, the tool is perfect for developing visually intensive experiences like platform games and 3D games.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official software development environment for Android. Therefore, it’s a safe choice if you want to create an Android app or game. This Google-introduced tool mostly works with Java and Kotlin programming languages.

When you first install Android Studio, you’ll have access to the Android game development kit, an emulation, and several benchmarking, troubleshooting, and other useful tools.

Android Studio is a more traditional integrated development environment, while Unity is essentially a game application framework with an interactive and convenient interface.

Android Studio can be quite intimidating and difficult for any relatively new Android game development company. In addition, this learning approach in Android game development can be difficult for those with no prior coding skills.

Unreal Engine

In addition to the Unity game engine, the Unreal Engine is a strong choice for creating games for Android. One need not be a programming genius to make this tool useful. If you put it to use, you’ll discover it’s loaded with various helpful options.

Unreal Engine is a robust alternative to Unity for those considering Android game development services for 2D or 3D game production.

While its fantastic graphics capabilities have made Unreal Engine a favorite on PC, the platform is more difficult to learn than Unity and doesn’t work well for 2D mobile development.

Unity remains the greatest option for developing Android games, despite recent changes that were designed to improve the game design on the Unreal Engine.

Marmalade Software Development Kit

One of the greatest ways to create a game that can be played on mobile and desktop devices is by leveraging the power of the Marmalade game development kit. You can design interesting graphical content easily with the help of this software suite, which is C++ agnostic.

New and exciting 2-D and 3-D graphics for your Android game are within your reach with the help of Marmalade SDK. In addition, there are no restrictions on the usage of third-party libraries, programs, or tools.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is an excellent Android game development tool for creating 2-D games. The platform supports 2-dimensional Android games and is built on the HTML5 standard. Less emphasis on the coding side of things makes for products that are incredibly intuitive to use.

Among the many useful features of this program is the option to export your work to numerous formats. Thanks to this handy tool, your game can now release your game simultaneously on a wide variety of platforms.

Our Recommendations

We would advocate for using Unity as your game development tool for Android platforms. However, taking a different approach is never a bad idea, and you may find them more suitable for the type of game designs you have in your mind.

You can also share your Android game development ideas with Cubix, a credible Android game development company. Our game developers are proficient at what they do, thanks to their exemplary command of game development tools for Android.



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