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19 Aug, 2022


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Nature has thrown huge challenges at human beings across several millennia. The most recent, the coronavirus – wreaked havoc; also known as Covid-19, this virus transformed the way we lived for several months in most parts of the world. Today, there are still several regions that aren’t quite out of the woods, with the virus making its comeback as new strains every now and again. But, human resilience proved itself this time too; people found ways to cope, staying free from infection, battling this disease, and even managing work across several industries despite the difficulties.

While many remained quarantined in their homes with few options for physical activities, online games, such as online poker began to grip our attention. Interest in this game grew, and there are now countless online poker games played by both new and experienced casino players. Game developers thrived and still do as they built newer and more interesting games to engage their growing market.

So, What Do Users Need for Playing Poker Online?

A computer/smartphone and a stable internet connection is all you need to play an online poker game. So whether it’s a Covid lockdown, a family reunion, 3 in the morning, and you are sleep deprived, or if you’ve got only 30 minutes left before your next Zoom class meeting, you can play your desired game at any time you choose. There is no right time to enjoy online poker.

So, as a Poker game developer, you can see how easy it is for your target market to get going once you put your game out there.

Top Ways to Launch an Online Poker Game

The most obvious and convenient way of launching an online poker game is starting with a game website, which includes the following steps:

  • Establish a corporation through an attorney.
  • Discover an esteemed bank to which the funds will be transferred and open an account with the corporation’s name.
  • Register the poker site domain name.
  • Purchase servers with large capacity and fast speed to handle about 100,000 tables with over 1 million users simultaneously.
  • Design the idea, view, and sense of the website.
  • Procure an agreement with a money transfer company, the banking company.

Another method to launch a poker game is to use Blockchain technology for its creation. The entire Blockchain online poker is managed by an administrator, monitoring the entire Poker gameplay through the admin dashboard.

You can launch your poker game on iOS and Android platforms by building two different versions. A cross-platform solution or a mobile-optimized web application is another approach. Employing all the relevant features in your mobile game application gives you the best performance and enhances the user experience. Furthermore, the affordable cross-platform application solution allows you to use multiple platforms simultaneously.

Game frameworks are used for the creation of online game applications. Unity and Unreal are the most commonly used engines for game development. Additionally, augmented and virtual reality technology are used to launch online games.

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Pay Attention to Core Requirements

The importance of a good poker setup reflects the business being a success. So the best advice is to go with what you know. Apple cultists want to stick with it as they believe it’s the best way to stay on any task and be organized. However, people should consider that when it comes to software updates for poker sites, Windows releases them before Macs.

A solid-state hard drive is the best option, it doesn’t comprise of any moving parts so failures are rare. It provides you with vital seconds to add up quickly. Providing you the last thing for your browser to not freeze mid-launching.

Apart from the hardware apparatus, comfort is everything for a serious online game founder both in terms of the stakes you provide to play and your overall setup. A lot of worksite experts recommend a standing workspace for coherency and health. Why not apply that to your business setup?

Critical Aspects to Avoid when Launching Your Poker Game

Starting with the biggest mistakes, new poker rooms cover that “it’s not 2004”. This phrase probably sums up the entire section. Many people have the misconception that we are still living in the good, old days of 2003-4. When online poker became cool overnight. This era has gone now, the market has become mature and now it takes a lot more time than a large black deal or a celebrity endorsement to get the site to rocket shot.

A quote on starting an online poker site says “if you don’t have at least $10 million, don’t even bother.” You need capital for software, staff, games, maintenance, hosting, domain, and legal activities. Any one of these can set you back a solid 6 figures. Because there’s a huge probability that your business won’t pay you back, you can’t get your profits for months or even years.

The creation of the ‘Me Too’ business, which in other words refers to the creation of a poker game site with no clear unique selling proposition (USP). The simple theory of USP is the creation of your individuality. If you failed in making a USP don’t start your poker business because it is the building block of it. Your business would eventually fall apart without it.

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How can Your New Poker Business Draw in Customers?

Adapting a robust marketing strategy is the correct answer by focusing on persuading new customers, retaining the existing ones, and regaining the players who stopped playing the game.

These are a few helpful tips that you can follow:

Develop a team of players who represent your online game. They can act as the brand ambassadors of your company and can attract the target audience.

Use your everyday partner “the social media” to generate valuable traffic on your site and increase players’ playtime. Social media tools can engage players in interesting poker strategy-related questions, exciting games, and participative quizzes. Get people to play your game through promotional strategies, including giving monthly gifts, jackpots, lotteries, and live tournament schemes.

Starting a Poker Tournament

The crucial element in making a poker tournament successful are the players. It is necessary to have multiple players to structure a poker tournament. I recommend recruiting 10-20 players if you aim for a well-grounded tournament. Consider the other relevant factors, such as the buy-in size and what kind of players will be participating.

Second, you require the right supplies to initiate a good poker tournament. And the better the supplies, the more proper your journey will feel. Here are the main items that are needed:

  • Poker tables
  • Timer for blind levels
  • Poker chips
  • Chip trays

The poker tournament should comprise structure and rules, and the players should be aware of them ahead of time. This is the core part of initiating a poker tournament that comprises buy-in, starting blinds, starting chip stacks, how quickly blind level grows, and the prize pool distribution.

The players should know what type of tournament they participate in, whether it’s a rebuy-event or a freeze-out.

Extra tips you need to consider involves seat assignments, placing players from table to table, handling the bubble, adding colors to the chips, and using the software.

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Retain Poker Players

Engaging your players in the game for a more extended period requires a combination of studying and practicing business techniques. Here are seven tips on how to retain poker players:

  • Study 20% of the time.
  • Invite them to play different types of poker.
  • Adopt the business strategy.
  • Use the latest trends in technology.
  • Tell them to learn from the other players.
  • Evaluate their bad beats objectively.
  • Provide training for the player’s mind and body.

Start your Poker Community

Share cards or window cards, also known as community cards, are the key elements for forming a poker game community. To launch your game community, place the community cards face up on the table, and all community players will share them. Then, each player is dealt with separately in the community game, and the remaining cards are combined with the community cards to make a full hand.

The poker game community is formed by placing the community cards on the board and dealing with them as they are put in a simple line or arranged in a particular design. Forming the game community also requires rules that determine how the cards will be combined with each player’s private hand. Limit and fixed-limit games can be played in the game community. The game communities are formed on multiple factors, such as by changing the betting format and stakes from region to region, the time of the year, and the volume to get the community players.

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Get Your Poker Game Developed By Experts

We, at Cubix provide game development for a wide range of platforms. Construct your game to attain a purpose. Our game development team provides facilities to convert your dream game into a lucrative venture.

By creating exemplary user interfaces, attaching the latest online mobile gaming technologies, and providing testing and setting support, your poker game will gain loyal players and accomplish your business’ specific aim.



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