End-to-End SharePoint Development Services

Microsoft SharePoint has been in focus for boosting organizational excellence for decades. Cubix has helped startups and enterprises with the latest Microsoft SharePoint services, allowing organizations to share information internally and externally. We help companies manage multi-level collaboration smoothly and level up their productivity. Since 2008, Cubix is exploiting SharePoint and Office 365 for hassle-free management, organization, and collaboration within and across organizations.

We help you implement SharePoint solutions and train you to best utilize it. Our exclusive consultation, support, integration, and migration services shape your experience with SharePoint. We take pride in delivering end-to-end SharePoint services and help you in leveraging the platform effectively.

Our SharePoint Excellence

  • Crafting SharePoint Solutions for Over 11 Years
  • 10+ Microsoft SharePoint Enthusiasts
  • 80+ Successful Microsoft SharePoint Projects
  • Experienced SharePoint Experts

Maximum Utility of Your SharePoint Solution

Cubix goes above and beyond to help utilize the SharePoint solution and empower your workforce and business processes for a smooth adoption.

Microsoft SharePoint Consultation

We understand that Microsoft SharePoint solutions can be overwhelming. We also understand that aligning the solution to your business objectives can be challenging. Our experts at Cubix help you in finding the right SharePoint solution that promotes organizational efficiency. We help plan, develop, and implement the solution in your organization. We have supported multiple startups and enterprises in mass adoption of SharePoint within the organization.

With our extensive SharePoint consultation and expert advice, choose the right SharePoint solution and boost collaboration on all platforms. We assist you in:

Developing effective strategies to build a user-friendly SharePoint environment, eliminating the need for individual solutions with a one-stop solution for all organizational needs.

Encouraging and helping employees to get familiar with the SharePoint solution, completing their work quicker, reducing the chances of human error in manual work, and empowering employees to work effectively.

Ensuring uninterrupted functionality of the SharePoint solution and training concerned authorities to manage any potential problems. A complete guide for maximum utility of the SharePoint solution to uplift the company.

Integrating SharePoint into the company’s existing processing and models and helping the workforce migrate to new SharePoint-based work processes.

Custom-Built SharePoint Solution

Our SharePoint enthusiasts at Cubix develop solutions from scratch, customizing each feature and aspect to best fit your business. We explore your business and sit with your teams to dig a SharePoint solution that will get your work done, enhance your productivity, help employees complete their tasks with fewer efforts, and automate business processes.

The first step towards your SharePoint solution is analyzing your business vision and goals. We start by exploring if you are aiming for a reduction in manual, a collaboration platform for your workforce, document sharing engine, or all of this.

We custom develop SharePoint solutions for every client. We do so by getting in touching with your business and interacting with your business processes. Our SharePoint consultants explore your organization from multiple aspects. We then structure a promising solution that aligns with your vision.

Our services exceed SharePoint standards. We work together with you to explore what more can be done because Cubix doesn’t do it the ordinary way. One of our most ambitious dedicatedly works on your project to deliver excellence.

We go above and beyond to help your workforce adapt to the SharePoint solution. Our team creates easy-to-understand manuals and templates for custom site features. These manuals provide enough information to deploy a similar solution to multiple SharePoint products, with uniform UI/UX.

We build confidence and trust in your workforce, to adopt and conveniently use the SharePoint solution. Our teams analyze the common stressors and help you in resolving them.

Targeting Your Business Goals

Our SharePoint solutions are directed towards achieving your business goals while enhancing the overall organizational productivity. We explore the right solution for you, grounded on your goals and vision. It helps us optimize the infrastructure, revamp existing business processes, and craft powerful SharePoint solution for you.

Cubix holds over 11 years of experience in SharePoint:

  • Site Workflows
  • Training and Knowledge Assessment
  • Reporting and Audit

Our experts are recognized for industry-leading SharePoint customization. We know the art of:

Building unique features that best fit your business, enhance the excellence of your SharePoint solution, and help the stakeholders.

Migration to a new SharePoint solution or the latest version of SharePoint. We help create and implement a hybrid model.

Crafting error-free SharePoint solutions. Our consultants take care of planning an effective strategy for testing the solution. We take care of periodic testing to ensure that your solution is flawlessly functioning.

One-Stop SharePoint Solution Provider

We take care of your SharePoint needs. Cubix masters SharePoint development, implementation, and consultation, with over 80 successful SharePoint projects delivered. We have you covered with our experts on-board, ready to support your business. Our services include:

  • In-Depth Business Analysis: We run a thorough check of your business, including your vision, mission, objectives, organizational culture, workforce brief, and more. We cannot work on your project unless we know the internal and external environment of the company.
  • SharePoint Consultation: Our experience in SharePoint goes beyond a decade. We have completed multiple projects for diverse industries and know the art of crafting perfect SharePoint solutions. We help you with our experience and expertise, enabling you to make the right call.
  • SharePoint Training: We help your company get comfortable with the SharePoint solution. Our experts offer training for your team members directly interacting with SharePoint, like administrators, and managers.
  • Support and Maintenance: We are right here to help you with any technical problems. Our customer support team is available round the clock to guide you.

Automated SharePoint Workflows

The world is moving towards high-end automation. We help you catch up with exclusive SharePoint features that automate your company’s workflows. Witness hassle-free and flawless work, as automation reduces manual errors and requires fewer efforts from the workforce. You can either:

  • Use SharePoint to support existing company processes
  • Use SharePoint to revamp existing company processes
  • Revamp existing company processes and customizing SharePoint solution accordingly

Cubix helps you in integrating your business processes and vision with your SharePoint solution, including:

  • Tracking employee performance
  • Creating and collaborating documents
  • Publishing content
  • Catering employee requests

Implementing SharePoint Solutions

Implementing and adapting SharePoint can become challenging. We help you through the migration process by clarifying the journey for you. The SharePoint solution will change the way your record, manage, and share data, as automation will take over. We help you in doing it effectively.

Cubix helps you in crafting and implementing a secure database, allowing your workforce to easily create, store, and find data. We help you in actively collaborating within and outside the organization, with complete security of your data.

We teach you how to use relevant tools and techniques to exploit your SharePoint solution effectively. Our experts guide you with product management, idea generation, product research, and more.

We are your tech partners in revamping the business. We not only provide excellent SharePoint solutions but ensure that they are implemented for maximum utility.

Let’s Take it Forward from Here

We are ready to develop an intriguing SharePoint solution for you. Let’s discuss and explore how to get you going towards organizational glory.

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Microsoft SharePoint Integration

We have been interacting with SharePoint for over a decade. Over the period, Cubix realized the significance of integrating multiple enterprise systems to the SharePoint solution for uplifting the organization. Although the platforms individually cater to specific business problems successfully, a fully-fledged integration maximizes the benefits of each platform. Cubix keeps its promise of delivering end-to-end SharePoint solutions, with extensive SharePoint integration services. We ensure uninterrupted collaboration between the enterprise systems for added excellence and get you closer to your business goals.

We have a team of SharePoint experts ready to work on your project.

We are the Industry Experts

  • 10+ SharePoint Experts On-Board
  • 80+ Successful SharePoint Projects
  • 11+ Years of Experience in Crafting SharePoint Solutions
  • Extensive Experience in SharePoint Integration

World-Class SharePoint Integration Services

Businesses face a range of challenges. We cannot implement one integration strategy on all our clients. Instead, our experts analyze your business goals, challenges, and existing processing to develop a custom SharePoint integration plan for you. We explore the scope and techniques to integrate multiple enterprise systems in a way that enhances the organization’s productivity. All our integration services are customized for your business only. We don’t do it the shortcut way.

CRM Integration

CRM is the focal point of marketing and sales. Integration of your CRM system with the SharePoint solution is integral for your company’s success. Level up your customer relationship management with sound workflow management, document sharing, centralized customer data, hassle-free communication with internal and external stakeholders, and more. We have expertise in integrating your SharePoint solution to amoCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 360, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, SAP CRM, Nimble, and others.

ERP Integration

Integration with an ERP system minimizes manual work, avoids inconsistency in data, eliminates communication gaps, manages workflow ruptures, boosts supply chain workflows, and improves the overall business mechanism. The integration between ERP and the SharePoint solution will enable stakeholders to communicate even when they are not in the office or cannot access the ERP system. It helps eliminate the formalities and speeds up business processes. Our SharePoint experts have successfully integrated different ERP systems, including Oracle, Sage, SAP, Epicor, and others.

ECM Integration

SharePoint integration is a must-have for organizations using a content management system and SharePoint. The integration between the two ensures that the ECM enjoys extensive collaboration facilities while avoiding content duplication. Employees in the organization can easily log in to their content management profiles with a single sign-in and access the data without any hassle. Also, the users can easily find data, secure it easily, and reuse it whenever required. Cubix has successfully integrated OpenText, Nuxeo, Laserfiche, and others, helping clients level up their game.

DMS Integration

Integration of your SharePoint solution with a document management system is critical to manage the content effectively. The integration enables secure and easy data sharing, avoids duplication of documents, automates synchronization between storage centers, and enables document versioning. The workforce can easily collaborate on documents even in offline mode, and share documents with others who don’t have access to a document manage system. We take pride in successfully integrating Zoho Docs, M-Files, OneDrive for Business, Alfresco Box, and others.

PMS Integration

Integrating your project management system with the SharePoint solution will enable endless collaboration facilities and enhances your content management system features. The workforce can easily manage their work, irrespective of the scope and difficulty level of the project. The project cycle is completed seamlessly, with easy tracking of tasks. The relevant stakeholders of the project are connected, regardless of their devices and location. Cubix has successfully integrated Trello, Microsoft Project, Asana, Wrike, Basecamp, and others.

BI Integration

Integrating your SharePoint solution with a BI solution uplifts your company by enabling a centralized storage system for statistics and results. The storage system is accessible easily, enabling easy tracking. Also, it visualizes the data that is processed in the BI solution, allowing you to conveniently overview the progress. The integration enables all stakeholders to collaborate easily on the portal and share results with the employees and other stakeholders. We have successfully integrated multiple BI systems, including Power BI, Qlik, Microsoft SQL Server, and Tableau, among others.

Diversified Integration Options

In case we haven’t covered your integration requirements above, explore this section for several other integration options. Or talk to us and our experts will accommodate you:

  • LSM Integration with Moodle, Geenio, TalentLMS, and others
  • CMS Integration with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and others
  • Social Media Integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others
  • Email Integration with Exchange, Outlook, Gmail and others
  • Integration with Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Stride, Slack, Office 365 and others
  • Customer Integration

SharePoint Integration the Expert Way

Our integration techniques and mechanism are entirely based on your integration needs with multiple third-parties. We explore the scope of enterprise systems to be incorporated into your SharePoint solution and use a range of tools to deploy it.

  • API Integrations Our experts leverage different APIs for client-based and server-based SharePoint integration. We use multiple tools, allowing third-party applications to consistently collaborate with SharePoint. Some of the APIs we use include .NET client OM APIs, server OM APIs, REST API, JavaScript APIs, Silverlight client OM APIs, and others. API integrations enable smooth interaction between systems.
  • CIMS Integration Integration with Content Management Interoperability Services enables extensive collaboration between content repositories and content management systems with SharePoint.
  • BCS Integrations Integration with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is promising for uninterrupted workflows and data sharing between SharePoint and multiple external sources of data. The integration allows organizations to extract data from external data sources and systems like BI, ITSM, ERP and others. BCS integration allows organizations to deal with complex integration issues and integrates external databases into the SharePoint solution.
  • Hybrid Integration Hybrid API integration enables organizations to manage cloud applications and Microsoft on premises simultaneously. The integration connects Exchange Server with SharePoint Online in Office 365, integrates cloud OneDrive for Business with SharePoint on-premises, and displays Office 365 search results in SharePoint on-premises.
  • Custom Integration We custom integrate enterprise systems with SharePoint, based on the requirements. We have a history of integrating with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft SharePoint Designer, and Microsoft Visual Studio, amongst others.

Why Do You Need Microsoft SharePoint Integration?

Efficient Business Processes: Fully-fledged integration enables shorter business processes, error-free transactions, and requires less manual effort from the workforce. It allows one-step processes instead of individual actions on different platforms.

Complete Control Over Business Processes: An integrated system allows full control over the processes, otherwise scattered across the business. It becomes easier to analyze performance and manage the workflows.

High-End Collaboration: An integrated environment allows the internal and external stakeholders to easily communicate, exchange information, and remain connected. Also, it becomes easier to control the flow of data in the organization.

One-Space Environment: The organizational processes are integrated into a single space, enabling high-end security. Stakeholders can easily search and use devices even when offline.

Robust Enterprise Systems: When integrated, the enterprise systems become stronger and more powerful with extended system features and employee performance.

Ready to Integrate Your SharePoint Project?

It’s time to start your integration project and make the most of your SharePoint solution. Let’s discuss and take it from there. Our experts are available 24/7 for consultation.

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Top-Class SharePoint Development

We are recognized as the top development company, with a strong grip on the latest technologies. We are developing Microsoft SharePoint solutions for over 11 years, delivering scalable solutions for multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, and more. Our SharePoint solutions guarantee enhanced organizational performance, seamless document management, and simplified business processes.

We are a team of expert developers, designers, mathematicians, data scientists, and creative artists. We go above and beyond to custom-build robust SharePoint solutions for your businesses.

Why Trust Us?

Cubix is not a mere software house. It is an innovation center where we invest our creativity, problem-solving skills, development expertise, designing excellence, and more into each project. We offer industry-leading SharePoint consultation, development, integration, and support that takes your organization forward.

  • 11 years of proven experience in custom SharePoint development
  • 80+ SharePoint projects that uplifted clients’ businesses
  • 10+ seasoned SharePoint experts on-board for your project

Enhance Your Organizational Productivity

An excellent SharePoint solution enhances your organizational productivity, reduces manual work, enables secure content sharing, and ensures high-end collaboration within and across the organization. We have over 11 years of experience in building cutting-edge SharePoint solutions for diverse industries. And our 80+ successful SharePoint projects speak volumes of our excellent development.

Durable Architecture

We build SharePoint solutions from scratch. Our focus is on building a solution that resonates with your brand vision and reflects your values. We do so by exploring the existing infrastructure and business processes which serves as the building block for the SharePoint solution. We analyze the industry dynamics and changing business trends to develop a scalable SharePoint solution.

Custom SharePoint Development

Our SharePoint experts custom-build solutions that best fit your business. Our approach is not limited to pre-developed features. Instead, we start by understanding your business objectives and explore a SharePoint solution that meets your specific business needs and customizes the platform as per your business dynamics.

SharePoint Workflows

We create SharePoint workflows to automate your business processes. The goal is to reduce manual work and eliminate human errors, enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

Custom Features

Each feature contributes to your organizational goals. And to help utilize the platform effectively, our experts create handy manuals and templates that help adapt to the solution.

SharePoint Mobile Apps

We take you to a new level with an intriguing mobile app, using JavaScript frameworks. We develop exciting mobile apps using Knockout.js, Backbone.js, and Angular.js.

Support and Maintenance

Our teams are available round the clock to assist you. We resolve critical SharePoint issues within 7-15 business hours and ensure that your SharePoint solution is running flawlessly at all times.

Custom Solutions

We create custom solutions, including a project management solution, document management system, learning management system, and SharePoint intranet for added excellence.

Tailored for Your Business

Our experts start by understanding your business objectives and explore your current business processes. We then align a customized SharePoint solution with your organizational culture and business requirements. We customize the solution just for you, so you don’t have to stick to pre-developed features and monotonous designs. Our experienced developers and designers create artistic, user-friendly solutions for you.

Hassle-Free SharePoint Integration

We integrate your SharePoint solution with multiple enterprise systems, including HR system, accounting software, ERP, content relationship management, project management system, and more. Our experts enable a collaborative platform with high-end integration, aligning Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, WordPress, Moodle, and social media platforms into the solution. The result is an exclusive one-stop solution that controls the business processes.

Integration is the key to utilizing your SharePoint solution effectively. It helps you by:

  • Creating a collaborative platform that enables easy communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Easier controlling and monitoring of business processes in an integrated environment
  • Enriching enterprise systems and the SharePoint solution, multiplying the power of the organization

Customize SharePoint Solution with Custom Ad-Ins

We travel an extra mile for your SharePoint solution to resonate with your brand essence. We make sure that your workforce loves using the solution, with exciting and productive add-ins. The custom-built features will boost your SharePoint solutions’ value, improve user experience, and get the workforce comfortable in using it.

Our experts create custom ad-ins for you. We explore your current processes and organizational culture to analyze the workforce’s expectations from the solution. We align their expectations with your objectives and create useful ad-ins for you.

SharePoint Maintenance

We have you covered with anything and everything related to your SharePoint solution.

Installing Updates

We help you in keeping the SharePoint solution updated with periodic updates and service packages, so your solution is spot-on at all times.

Updated SharePoint Solution

We add new features to your SharePoint solution, update existing features, and revamp your design whenever needed. We are your partners in the journey towards your glory.

Catering Technical Issues

Technical issues require immediate attention for an uninterrupted experience. Our maintenance teams are available 24/7 to fix technical faults and help avoid their occurrence in the future.

Setting Backups

Our experts ensure that your SharePoint solution undergoes both manual and automatic backups. We help your administrators take charge of the backups and train them to do it effectively.

Sustainable SharePoint Development

Our focus is on developing sustainable SharePoint solution that supports your organization for years to come. We craft scalable solutions that are easily updated and customized with the changing business dynamics, without any trouble. Our attention is towards:

User-Centric Solutions

Every aspect of the SharePoint solution is designed, keeping in mind the end-user. Our goal is to facilitate the user with simple navigation and engaging user experience. We also want users to quickly adopt the solution without considerable resistance. Hence, we craft engaging web and mobile versions, intuitive UI, custom add-ins, and more. So, the SharePoint solution is welcomed by the stakeholders and remains relevant for many years to come.

High-End Security

We do not compromise on the security of your SharePoint solution. We understand that an integrated SharePoint solution holds sensitive organizational data that must be protected at all times. Our experts use various proprietary tools and practices to protect the solution from data breaches and other external and internal threats.

We ensure that:

  • High-end security to avoid any potential breaches in the system
  • Custom security tools, like two-factor authentication
  • Restricting users’ access rights, based on the organizations policies

Flawless Performance

A flawlessly running SharePoint solution is integral for enhancing your organizational performance. Our experts test and re-test the SharePoint solution until we can guarantee its productivity and excellence. We examine the solution with Microsoft’s recommendation, analyze data structure, test custom codes, check for any potential errors, and more. We look for the possibility of security breaches, poor performance, high costs, and problems in user adoption. The solution we hand over to you runs flawlessly without any errors or bugs.

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Microsoft SharePoint Support

Your SharePoint solution must work flawlessly at all times, considering its high-end integration with multiple enterprise systems. Your organization’s business efficiency depends on the performance of the SharePoint solution. Our experts at Cubix ensure that you receive maximum benefits from the solution, with exclusive SharePoint maintenance and support.

We are eager to enhance your organizational performance exponentially. Our SharePoint experts look into the product and address all major and minor issues, including adoption challenges, technical issues, and more. We take timely action, so you enjoy uninterrupted SharePoint brilliance. Our experts have over 11 years of experience with SharePoint and only do it the right way.

We cover all issues related to your SharePoint solution and extend our support and maintenance services to help you enjoy an error-free experience.

Extensive SharePoint Support

We are here to resolve all issues of your SharePoint solution. We go above and beyond to ensure that an error doesn’t occur again by exploring the underlying causes. Our teams are available round the clock to help you and address critical problems within 7-15 business hours. Our support and maintenance teams are designated to help clients enjoy SharePoint solutions incessantly.

We are delighted to offer:

Resolving codding errors and verifying codes

Resolving user authentication problems and resolving user’s permission

Addressing content management problems like indexing, duplication, and so on

Resolving any issues in features

Solving issues related to the hardware and architecture, such as overloaded server

Dealing with unavailable SharePoint sites, problems in integration, low response time

Uninterrupted SharePoint Maintenance

We assure you that your SharePoint solution will run flawlessly at all times. A lot goes on the backend for an uninterrupted experience. We have a dedicated team to ensure that your SharePoint is well-integrated and fully operational.

Our support and maintenance team includes SharePoint developers, consultations, and administrators who enable:

We assure you that your SharePoint solution will run flawlessly at all times. A lot goes on the backend for an uninterrupted experience. We have a dedicated team to ensure that your SharePoint is well-integrated and fully operational.

Our support and maintenance team includes SharePoint developers, consultations, and administrators who enable:

Full-fledged integration of SharePoint solution with multiple enterprise systems

Flawless functionality of custom features aligned with your business vision

Security of your database and processes with security patches across collaboration units

Regular maintenance and updates to avoid any problems

Microsoft SharePoint Consultation Support

Our SharePoint experts are here to resolve complex SharePoint problems that your in-house team cannot. We explore the root cause of the problem and fix it such that it wouldn’t occur again. Our team targets specific problems that hinder the performance of your SharePoint solution.

We help you in keeping your data secure while utilizing the SharePoint solution effectively. We enrich your solution with our extensive experience and knowledge. At Cubix, we help develop, test, deploy, and adapt to the SharePoint solution. We have you covered.

SharePoint Training

Our experts train the stakeholders of your SharePoint solution so that the organization can migrate smoothly. We aim to get your workforce comfortable with the SharePoint solution, assisting:

  • SharePoint Users
  • SharePoint Administrators
  • SharePoint Developers

Our training involves getting the stakeholders comfortable with the organizational dynamics, integrated environment, and new protocols to be followed. The result is a collaborative team that leverages the SharePoint solution beyond expectations.

SharePoint Support – What Does it
Mean for Your Business?

We don’t want SharePoint to become a hassle for you. Instead, we want the SharePoint solution to automate your business processes and enable organizational performance. And to help you do so, our experts:

  • Resolve critical queries within 7-15 business hours
  • Available round the clock to assist you
  • SharePoint solution aligned to your business goals
  • A team of SharePoint experts on-board to resolve your problems efficiently
  • Reliable and secure support and maintenance services

We are Here to Resolve Your SharePoint Issues Right Away!

Let’s hear your concerns. Our support and maintenance experts have their analytical glasses on to find and resolve all the bugs. Get in touch with us now.

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