Artificial Intelligence – Changing the Landscape for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence – Changing the Landscape for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are more than just buzzwords now! The concepts have come a long way from the time they were first coined, from the everyday e-commerce purchase to service providers such as banks devising services and products offered to the customers. Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our daily lives.

From software to e-commerce to entertainment, AI has escalated its way into every industry. Technology companies are now heavily investing in research and development of AI and trying to incorporate it into the products and services for a superior end-user experience.

Let’s explore how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the development arena.

Artificial Intelligence Aids Web Development

The artificial intelligence concepts that are in vogue today not only help make machines intelligent but also help developers in learning modern coding techniques. Developers may struggle to understand project requirements or grasping the real essence of the project. Some may not know where to start. Artificial Design Intelligence is the answer to this. ADI not only puts the basic framework together but also creates basic code for the first kick.

Using AI techniques significantly reduces development costs. The use of Artificial Intelligences minimizes the requirement for manual effort. Companies will require fewer developers to complete the project with AI taking care of different processes. Not only that, optimizing code with AI saves a massive amount of server space as well. Less server space means fewer rentals, which have a direct positive impact on the operating expenses of a company.

Some of the tools which are AI-driven and which are also of immense help to a software developer are:

AI Canvas: It is a strategic decision-making tool, which helps with feasibility change analysis and with deploying machine learning models It is an AI-based programming assistant, which is developed based on the codes available in platforms like GitHub

Artificial Intelligence Helps in Exploring the Audience

You need to know your customers before even launching the website or mobile app development project. Understanding metrics such as demographics, psychographics, time on page, the journey of the customer on the site, and more, is the key to developing the right content for your website. Artificial Intelligence helps businesses in knowing their audience, including their characteristics, behaviors, and preferences.

Artificial Intelligence also helps in making intelligent decisions when it comes to user interaction. Adobe, one of the biggest software developers in the world, conducted a survey and concluded that 47% of digitally mature organizations have a clearly-defined AI strategy.

AI can now track and analyze website visitors and their behavior to assist companies in serving their audience better. The intelligence generated by the AI code deployed on the website will help in various consumer-related decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Improves User Experience

AI techniques help in providing superior user experience. Users explore the website of the business before making a decision, and this is where the user experience comes into action. AI can track user behavior, not only on the company’s website but also on other platforms on the internet. It identifies users’ interests and shows relevant content to influence the buying decision.

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses in providing a personalized experience to their users. It helps analyze vast amounts of data efficiently and identifies patterns of buying, user preferences, credit scores, search history, and more. It analyzes billions of transactions to offer a highly-customized experience.

Consumers facing brands such as Netflix and Amazon use AI techniques to push the right service to the right consumer. For example, Netflix recommends shows based on the users’ previous watches. It even informs the user that the recommendation is made because the user previously watched the X show. Similarly, Amazon recommends shows based on the user’s search history and interest towards particular product categories.

Some of the popular tools leveraging AI to enhance user experience include:

Artisto: It is a video-processing app with movie and art effect filters, grounded on neural network algorithms. It was created by Group machine learning experts in 2016. The application processes videos up to 10 seconds long with 21 filters. It is the first app ever that uses neural networks.

Prisma: It is a photo-editing mobile app that uses neural networks and Artificial Intelligence to apply effects and transform photos. The app was launched in 2016 and uses a neural network with AI to add the effects.

AutoDraw: It converts doodles and rough scribbles into symmetrical icons and clipart that are downloadable for free. Google launched AutoDraw as an AI experiment.

Artificial Intelligence Enables Virtual Assistants

One of the most exciting implications of Artificial Intelligence is virtual assistance. The technology helps in replacing human assistants with virtual assistants, enabling faster communication between the company and its audience. Businesses are now deploying chatbots as part of their high-end customer service.

Although businesses are still reluctant to replace human-interaction with machine-driven interaction, AI’s tremendous intelligence will soon take over. Artificial Intelligence allows bots to deal with customer queries, such as the availability of a product, order status, and more. AI-driven assistants deal with customer queries right away, while it is impossible for humans to be available for assistance throughout the clock. Even if, humans require at least a few seconds to respond. Chatbots can help the very second a query is posted, which contributes to higher customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence is Futuristic!

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing business processes with high-end automation and developments. It will reduce costs by minimizing the need for manual work, making bots smarter for intelligent customer service, and more.

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