10 Best App Marketing Strategies that Will Surely Work


31 Oct, 2019


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10 Best App Marketing Strategies that Will Surely Work

Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions,’ says Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google.

It means mobile app development is one of the most profitable platforms to invest in today’s tech-driven world.

Businesses seek top developers and designers to turn their app idea into reality. As a result, several ways of marketing through mobile apps are now coming to light, from RPG games to food delivery, online shopping, and more.

Still, that is not where the work ends!

The next step after creating an app is to market the product and spread the word to the target audience. The right mobile app marketing strategies will help increase revenues after robust development and design by app experts.

Why mobile app strategies are important?

The best app strategies aid an organization in comprehending its immediate environment and determining what it requires to thrive. It aids a corporation in addressing its flaws and identifying any deficiencies within its structure. Mobile app strategy aids in the formulation of policies and the establishment of a clear focus on performance and productivity.

The best app strategies help fill a void in the app market, meet the demands of the people, and increase user engagement for businesses. The most helpful app marketing tactic would be one that reaches the intended audience by bypassing the white-noise and other traffic in digital media.

An efficient marketing plan will generate revenues for the developer, provide branding opportunities, increase customer engagement, etc.

So, here are some of the best app marketing strategies to get started:

Mobile app marketing strategies for beginners

If you are going to start your business in mobile app marketing, you are on the right path. Initially, it can be difficult for new business people, but throughout reading this article, you get more about app marketing; this article breaks down some basic and the best app strategies.

Explore your audience

An app is designed to suit the needs of a specific set of people. Therefore, the essential app marketing strategy targets the particular set of audiences your app intends to serve.

Explore the intended audience, list down their geographic and psychographic characteristics understand their interests and the media channels where they are most active. Then promote the app on those platforms.

Knowing the target audience will help plan the way ahead.

The age group, lifestyle, spending habits, recreational activities, and other factors must be considered. Do not say that an app is for everyone. For example, it is not likely to appeal to adults or the elderly if it is intended for kids or vice versa.

Optimize app store page

The best way to get the app to come up on search results is to ensure that the App Store page optimization is according to the present SEO tactics.

It will be a game-changer if the app is optimized for searches on all the app stores.

Proper optimization and keywords with the most traffic will ensure that the target audience finds the app. As a result, it will lead to more downloads, higher user engagement, and, eventually, boost revenues.

Start promotions before the launch

To make the most out of an essential app marketing strategy, get the word out before the launch date of the application.

It will create awareness in the audience, and once the launch date arrives, there’ll already be considerable chatter about your app.

Better yet! Start your promotions while the app is still in the development stage. For example, banners, teaser videos, and surveys increase anticipation for the application.

Additionally, any feedback from the customers will provide insight into any changes to make the app better and more convenient.

Word-of-mouth promotions are still one of the essential app marketing strategies, even with digital marketing gateways. However, spreading the world early also means that the consumers will do part of the marketing at no cost.

Use your website traffic to put a spotlight on your app

Putting the company website to good use is another app marketing strategy that will surely work. Leverage the traffic on the company blog and keep the readers updated on any new product launches.

It is an effective method to put the spotlight on your mobile application and another way to start word-of-mouth promotions.

Furthermore, applying SEO strategies to a blog about the app will bring it up on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The target audience will come across the blog post and, in turn, learn about the app.

Another way to leverage your website is to put up banners announcing the launch and other minor details of the application.

Prepare media kits

Make use of all media channels!

Get media platforms to do part of the work to gain the most benefits from mobile application marketing. Prepare the media kits with the crucial details about the application that the audience should know and send them to all publications.

Covering the essential, noteworthy points will help the media channels do their work more efficiently. The higher the relevancy of the information people receive, the better the promotion.

Be active on social media – engage the audience

Social media is one of the surefire ways to reach a global audience.

Millennials, even entrepreneurs, and other businesses are on social media. Make use of Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to get worldwide views from every member of society.

It is not as excellent a source of information as a blog post. Still, social media is also a way to market the blog, which will, in turn, promote the app. additionally, a blog post will make it possible to sell the app without being overly promotional.

A feature of social media is that all you need is to get a few people to take note of the post. Then, their followers, the followers’ followers, will gain traction, and the app will get visibility.

Get feedback from users

User feedback is essential for the success of the app.

Add the contact information to the App Store or Google Play app page for customers to relay their experience with the app. Secondly, do not just read the reviews! Instead, assess the issues and respond to the complaints, if any.

Furthermore, marketing through mobile apps plays a vitally important role worldwide. But many users check the ratings before installing an application, and it affects the ranking in search.

Additionally, both positive and negative feedback will help fix the bugs in the app and improve customer service. The better the customer service, the more popular the app will be among the users, and the higher the download possibilities.

Plus, it will leave an encouraging impression on their minds if the consumers feel that the company pays attention to their reviews. It will be a profitable app marketing strategy, increase traffic, promote brand recognition, etc.

It will also build a more trustworthy reputation. Third-party reviews will get the trust of those individuals hesitant to download the app. It is because people expect you only to say good things about it.

Submit app reviews

Make use of guest blogging sites and other platforms for content marketing apart from the company blog.

Content marketing is sure to guarantee results, and guest blogging is an essential aspect of it. In addition, it will help reach the audience of the competitors and others.

Submitting app reviews to external sites after the launch will be another strategy to relay vital details about the product to relevant people. In addition, app reviews are a way to highlight the app’s original features and bring to light their distinguishing characteristics.

Posting videos on YouTube is another way to approach mobile app marketing.

Create How-to videos that guide the user on how the application works and the best way to use all its features. Knowing how to use the app will be more efficient in increasing the number of downloads than merely highlighting the features.

Some consumers research any product, app, or service that comes to light before using it. App reviews will help them get the information they need.

Learn from your competitors

The competitors can be your best source of knowledge. However, they are likely to experience drawbacks and the countermeasures to take for any failures.

Understanding their tactics would help create a strategy for marketing your app, skipping the routes that lead to dead ends.

Furthermore, it is a way to avoid stepping into the market with the same tactics and being labeled an imitation. It is an added benefit to studying the competition.

In a nutshell, studying the competitors in the business will help in devising an original and unique strategy for app marketing.

Keep a close eye on KPIs

Pay attention to key performance indicators (KPIs) after carrying out all strategies for marketing an app.

The job’s not done after the marketing plan is efficiently underway!

The next step is to monitor how users respond to the app, answer customer feedback, read the reviews, respond to any suggestions, and more.

Keep an eye on the analytics as well. See how the marketing tactics are performing and which ones bring in more results than others. Pay attention to those generating more excellent leads to rake in the most profits.

However, better than cutting off the less effective strategies, try improving them. Try alternative routes, and review customer feedback to see what you can do differently.

Start marketing your app!

The key to efficient marketing is to target relevant platforms. Relying solely on one or the other channel will leave some roads undiscovered but don’t travel on pointless paths. We help you with these robust mobile app marketing strategies that you can successfully market to your audience. We are listed among the top fashion app developers and top social networking app development agencies for our strong commitment to quality.

Start the promotions before the launch, gain feedback to make improvements, and watch the magic happen. Collaborate with influencers, send newsletters to your email lists, and create a buzz for the app.

Apply these top ten app marketing strategies and see your hard work bear fruit.

Are you ready to start marketing? Share your app idea with our app experts now!



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