15 Mobile App Development FAQs You Should Know in 2022


17 Jun, 2019


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15 Mobile App Development FAQs You Should Know in 2022

Mobile app development is our forte. We are recognized as the top mobile app development company and have developed hundreds of intriguing mobile apps in the last decade. As a result, we receive hundreds of mobile app ideas with the mobile app development FAQs every month from startups and enterprises. Yet, every other client we work with often asks some questions.

Mobile phones were once a luxury, a future predicted for the coming times. That time is here, and mobile phones have become the closest device to users. At the start of 2018, over 178 billion mobile apps were downloaded on smart devices. And we can’t ignore that an average smartphone user spends over 4 hours on a mobile phone.

With such trending stats, businesses introduce their mobile apps, and new startups utilize the platform. Thus, all the reasons for you to continue reading the article.

This blog addresses all the frequently asked questions, helping you make smart strategic decisions about your mobile app.

Is my app idea creative enough?

Your idea’s creativity is determined by how your target audience reacts. Your ultimate goal is for your audience to love your product and services. The users of your mobile app can tell whether they are pleased by the essence of your business or not. First, however, we can help you with the feasibility of your idea.

We must know about all mobile app development FAQs and whether the mobile app will be a success or not. We don’t have a definite answer for that, of course. Yet, we are determined to deliver apps with flawless functionality and designs, with no technical glitches or bugs.

However, we recommend developing a Minimum Viable Product to reduce the risks associated with new businesses. An MVP is a minimum product version with just enough features to attract the audience. The product is tested with early adopters to record their feedback and improve it before launching it to the masses.

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15 FAQs for Mobile App Development Explained in Detail

Before developing a new app, you need to know the audience’s remarks about similar mobile apps, what kind of flaws they have, and what the market’s need is; after knowing all FAQs for mobile apps, then start working. So here goes the list of mobile app development FAQs that almost all our clients and prospects ask us.

Who will use my mobile app?

Before jumping to the next step of mobile app development FAQs, it’s essential to identify the target customers. The characteristics of your target audience will determine how your mobile app will look and feel. In fact, your overall app idea will be grounded on your users’ preferences.

Start by knowing the geographic and demographic features of your users. Answer the following questions:

Where do my mobile app users live?

How old are the users?

Which devices do my users use?

How often will my users feel the need to use the app?

What attracts my users the most?

Is the target audience using a similar app already?

The FAQs for mobile app development will create a user persona. Knowing your user better will help us develop mobile apps that the audience will definitely like and frequently use.

Does a similar mobile app exist?

While pursuing a mobile app idea, it’s necessary to know whether similar apps are on the app stores. We need to know how users react to similar applications by asking different FAQs for mobile app development. Their strengths and weaknesses will help us during the mobile app development process. Let’s say most users on a similar app love the voice search feature. We would know what not to miss if we wish to attract users to our mobile app.

Finding out whether a similar app exists isn’t any chore. You can do so by exploring the app stores or simply knocking Google or the answers. In addition, mobile apps are out there for users to find them easily, so you don’t have an FBI search for them.

How will I secure my app?

Your mobile app development company is in charge of keeping your app safe. However, all you can do is stress the importance of a robust mobile app security feature for your app. Security is a top priority in the mobile app quality assurance methodology we use to develop our products.

Which app category best fits my mobile app?

One of the most frequently asked questions about mobile apps is the best-suited categories for your mobile app. Simply search the app categories on Apple Store and Play Store and find the most relevant app category.

It’s essential to identify the primary category and at least two or three secondary categories. This will extensively help us develop an app for you by identifying the characteristics of users interested in the category and the standard development and design practices for the said category.

How much will the mobile app cost?

It totally depends on the features of your app. For example, an offline calculator-like mobile app will cost you fewer bucks that an app is integrating Google Maps. At Cubix, we discuss the mobile app idea and get back to you with a quote.

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of developing an app. For example, an app that requires creating a new code will cost you more than an app that reuses codes. Similarly, an app with extensive design and testing requirements will be expensive. Also, mobile apps that are highly integrated with other mobile apps, such as maps, cameras, and others, are costlier.

We don’t have any hidden costs, though. Our processes are transparent and clear, and our seasoned sales team will help you with all the processes.

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How much time is required to build a mobile app?

Again, it depends on the features of the app. Complex mobile apps take more time to develop. At Cubix, we understand your app and give you a realistic timeline. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

An average app takes somewhere between five to seven months to complete. However, we have developed mobile apps that took over twelve months and apps that were launched within three months.

How frequently do I need to update my mobile app?

Most of our clients are worried about the updates. Now, how often you need to update your mobile app depends on many factors.

Some of the factors include:

Changes in the technology you are using

Updates introduced by your competitors

Changes in the industry trends

Requirements for additional features in your apps

Reducing the load time of mobile app pages

Unexpected bugs

It really depends on your industry. Some of our clients don’t feel the need to update their mobile apps for a year or so. Others update it every three months or so if needed.

How will I earn from my mobile app?

There are a lot of ways to earn from your mobile app, depending on your business model. For example, you can charge for downloading the app, which we call a paid app. You can offer some features for free to attract and engage your audience while keeping some features paid. Also, you can offer the app for free for some time and then ask users to pay if they wish to continue using it.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your app idea. Let’s hear your business idea and explore how you can earn from it.

How can I raise funds for my mobile app?

Developing a Minimum Mobile Product for your mobile app is an excellent approach to attracting investors to the product. Introducing the product to a limited audience will attract app users as well as investors. Also, you can approach venture capitalists as well as angel investors. Exploring your network for funds is also a great way to raise funds.

Will I own the mobile app?

That goes without saying. Once we are done with mobile app development, we give you the proprietary rights to the mobile app. You will own everything about the app, including the codes, designs, features, and everything else.

Will I need a wireframe for the mobile app?

Nope. We expect you to bring nothing along to Cubix. We are a full-cycle development house that takes your app idea and develops it into a fully functional mobile app, launching into the app stores.

However, we recommend that you clear all flaws by frequently asked questions about mobile apps. The better you know, the better we will be with our mobile app development. Also, our business strategists are ready to help you with your dream business idea.

How will I judge the success of the app?

Last but not least, one of the most crucial mobile app development concerns to consider is what analytics criteria you will use. It would help if you decided what is important to you. Is it the number of downloads, the length of a session, or the amount of money you may make from your app?

Knowing what success means to you will make it simpler to establish reasonable goals and arrange your marketing and promotion actions appropriately.

How will I know my mobile app is a success?

It depends on what you call success. Identify your key performance indicators and then test your mobile app against them. For example, some of our clients want an increasing number of downloads, others want users to spend more time on their apps, and some want users to indulge in-app purchases.
Knowing your app’s performance is simple, only if you know what you’re looking for as success.

Ready to develop an app?

We have tried answering the most frequently asked questions about mobile app development. I hope we have addressed all your concerns.

Feel free to ask us any other question that is in your mind. Our ambitious team is eager to help you understand mobile app development. We want you to make smarter choices by answering your FAQs for mobile apps and taking forward your dream.

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Let’s hear your app idea now!



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